Dream Chaser – version : 1.0 – iOS Application

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(If the downloaded file is in .zip format, rename its extension to .ipa)

The chase is on to save the realm of gods.

The realm of the gods has been thrown into disarray and it’s up to one swift night spirit to restore the peace. Steer the young hero Nito as he sprints into action, collecting dream orbs that send him accelerating around obstacles and leaping over pitfalls. Explore a world unlike anything you’ve seen before and immerse yourself in this unique action-packed, story-driven runner.

Set out on an epic quest to restore the Tower of Dreams following its collapse and restore the escaped Gemini Spirits. Experience a tale brought to life through imaginative art style and a cast of compelling characters.

Young and agile, Nito can run but he’ll need your help to reach his full potential. Dash through strings of dream orbs to boost even faster and use tilt controls to avoid obstacles that threaten to bring Nito’s journey to an abrupt end.

Take a break from saving a troubled realm and just run. Upgrade Nito with power-ups, costumes and breeze through checkpoints in Endless mode.

A story-driven runner with over 26 missions
Tilt your device to steer Nito left and right
An epic adventure in 3D with an epic soundtrack
Run as fast as you can in Endless Mode
UNIVERSAL: Works on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

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  4. Bubble Buster: In order to clear up the area, you have to form a group
    of 3 bubbles (or more if you can), and knock them down.
    The end is near for RIM because they failed to change.

    The Honeycomb Ping Pong is actually an improved version of the
    classic game played with two rackets and a ball bouncing
    in between.

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